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May 5, 2015

West Virginia Mine Wars Museum Opens May 16th

Posted by: Brent Markwood

West Virginia, and much of Appalachia, has a conflicted relationship with the coal industry. It's an industry that provided and still provides good paying jobs in an area where employment is scarce. It's an industry that produced pride, in jobs that were necessary, important and challenging. But the price for those jobs has been steep: death, disease and environmental destruction.

In the industry's early years the coal companies held much of the region's political power. Attempts to mobilize miners to improve working conditions and wages were met with stiff resistance. At one point the battles between the two sides became actual wars.

The West Virginia Mine Wars Museum, now under construction in the tiny town of Matewan, WV preserves and interprets artifacts and historical records of the local communities affected by the mine wars, exploring historical events from multiple perspectives through the lives of ordinary people.

The grand opening for the museum is May 16th. You can find out more and even contribute by visiting

It's an important piece of history. Don't miss it.

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